Approximately 70 classes a week provided at no charge to members – ALL CLASSES ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Classes fall into 6 categories: Aquatic Fitness, Body Development, Cardio Conditioning, Strength and Balance, Dance, Fitness, and Yoga. You can scan these classes by these categories or download and print the entire schedule using the link to the right. Our Easy Does It classes are especially friendly to those new to fitness, just coming back or looking for a lower intensity workout.

Today's Classes

Sunrise Cycling

6:30 am in Studio 3 with Ellen Metro for 45 Mins

Join 12th street for a sunrise ride! Don't be afraid to sweat your way through an intense workout.

A / B | Cardio & Conditioning

Body Meta-Max

12:00 pm in Studio 1 with Kristin Noblette for 60 Mins

Find Your MAX! Circuits are designed with the idea of both strength and endurance: muscular, cardiovascular, and mental. This class is a unique combination of many different training techniques, using the body building principles of muscle isolation and form with a focused mind to muscle connection, the explosive power and use of large compound movements seen in powerlifting, and the core control and stability found in mind/body classes. You will push past your comfort zone and come discover exactly how much you are capable of.

B / C | Body Development

Pilates Mat

12:00 pm in Studio 2 with Christina Gesualdi for 45 Mins

One of the most popular body-conditioning techniques today, this class emphasizes centering of the body and developing the strength of the abdominals and torso muscles.

A | Core Strength & Balance

Beyond Balance

12:30 pm in Racquetball Court with Judy Hershman for 60 Mins

This class combines the use of light resistance training, cardio conditioning, and functional movement to improve strength, balance, and postural alignment.

A | Core Strength & Balance

Body Meta-X

5:30 pm in Studio 1 with Kristin Noblette for 60 Mins

This cross-training class improves strength, stability, agility, power, and endurance using a mixture of cardio conditioning, calisthenics, plyometrics, and weight training.  The classroom is set into small group stations that are approached as a timed obstacle course.  Modifications are given for each exercise to challenge both the beginner to the advanced athlete.  The only expectation is that you push yourself to do your personal best.

A / B / C | Cardio & Conditioning

Dao-Yin Yoga

5:30 pm in Studio 2 with Chik Mason for 60 Mins

Improve the flow of Chi energy throughout your entire body. Designed to realign the muscular and skeletal systems while increasing flexibility and strength.

A | Yoga


5:45 pm in Studio 3 with Maggie Arbogast for 45 Mins

Join us for a ride! Don't be afraid to sweat your way through an intense workout.

A / B | Cardio & Conditioning

Amandla Dance Fitness

6:30 pm in Studio 1 with Marcel Vilonel for 60 Mins

The Zulu word for "Power" - fusing African, Freestyle, Latin, Contemporary & Pop rhythms for an intense cardio workout. This fun filled, high energy dance fitness class will challenge & inspire your muscles, burn calories while you learn to move your body & have fun!

A | Dance Fitness

Extreme Abs

6:30 pm in Studio 2 with Kristin Noblette for 40 Mins

Give your core the ultimate challenge with this intensive test of core endurance and conditioning.

B / C | Core Strength & Balance


6:45 pm in Studio 3 with Judy Hershman for 45 Mins

Join us for a ride! Don't be afraid to sweat your way through an intense workout.

A / B | Cardio & Conditioning

S & M (Strength & Muscle)

7:30 pm in Studio 1 with Midge Shull for 60 Mins

Extreme content...may require advanced level of fitness AND submission! Some language not suitable for some participants. Involves muscle domination and strength intensity beyond your expectations!

B / C | Body Development

A = All Levels B = Intermediate C = Advanced

For your safety, High-Intensity Sports Conditioning classes are limited to 35 participants and Dance & Mind/Body classes are limited to 35 participants. Instructors must enforce these limits.


October's Schedule (PDF)



  • Angela Andrews
  • Maggie Arbogast
  • Rachel Back
  • Marie Brown
  • Linnea Calzada-Charma
  • Stephanie Churchill
  • Nicholas Cowell
  • Julie DeStefano
  • Kelly Filios
  • Sean Garry
  • Christina Gesualdi
  • Sgt. Nate Griffin
  • Judy Hershman
  • Robert Jones
  • Maria Lengauer
  • Stacey Long
  • Brian Love
  • Chik Mason
  • Ellen Metro
  • Eloy Muñoz
  • Megan Niño
  • Kristin Noblette
  • Daria Petraglia
  • Lindsay Ryan
  • Devery Sheffield
  • Midge Shull
  • Nicole Storm
  • Brian Swope
  • Marcel Vilonel
  • Heather Wentz