Sunday's Group Fitness Classes

Power Yoga

10:00 am in Studio 2 with Brian Love for 60 Mins

A progressive Vinyasa power yoga class to improve strength, endurance, correct body alignment, flexibility and stress reduction through sequencing postures. Prior experience in power yoga is recommended.

B / C | Yoga


10:00 am in Studio 3 with Kristin Noblette for 45 Mins

Join us for a ride! Don't be afraid to sweat your way through an intense workout.

A / B | Cardio & Conditioning

Warrior Workout

12:00 pm in Studio 1 with Midge Shull for 60 Mins

Be a weekend warrior in this ultra-challenging body conditioning and functional training class. Be prepared for intense cardio intervals and body sculpting moves that will have you wishing for Monday!

B / C | Body Development

Invigorating Vinyasa

4:00 pm in Studio 2 with Christina Gesualdi for 90 Mins

Mindfulness and precision unite with movement and breath to create a physically challenging class that is appropriate for all levels. Hands on adjustments will help you discover a deeper connection with each posture.

A / B / C | Yoga


  • Angela Andrews
  • Maggie Arbogast
  • Rachel Back
  • Marie Brown
  • Linnea Calzada-Charma
  • Stephanie Churchill
  • Nicholas Cowell
  • Julie DeStefano
  • Kelly Filios
  • Sean Garry
  • Christina Gesualdi
  • Sgt. Nate Griffin
  • Judy Hershman
  • Robert Jones
  • Maria Lengauer
  • Stacey Long
  • Brian Love
  • Chik Mason
  • Ellen Metro
  • Eloy Muñoz
  • Megan Niño
  • Kristin Noblette
  • Daria Petraglia
  • Lindsay Ryan
  • Devery Sheffield
  • Midge Shull
  • Nicole Storm
  • Brian Swope
  • Marcel Vilonel
  • Heather Wentz