Thursday's Group Fitness Classes

M.A.D. Fit: Make a Difference

6:00 am in Studio 1 with Marjorie Dejoie for 60 Mins

Intense alternating intervals of body sculpting and aerobics promotes cardiovascular fitness, calorie burn and muscular endurance. This class uses various equipment including dumbbells, bands, body bars, steps and stability balls.

B / C | Body Development

Amandla Fitness

12:00 pm in Studio 1 with Marcel Vilonel for 45 Mins

The Zulu word for "Power" - fusing African, Freestyle, Latin, Contemporary & Pop rhythms for an intense cardio workout. This fun filled, high energy dance fitness class will challenge & inspire your muscles, burn calories while you learn to move your body & have fun!

A | Dance Fitness

Power Yoga

12:00 pm in Studio 2 with Lindsay Ryan for 45 Mins

A progressive Vinyasa power yoga class to improve strength, endurance, correct body alignment, flexibility and stress reduction through sequencing postures. Prior experience in power yoga is recommended.

B / C | Yoga


12:00 pm in Studio 3 with Kristin Noblette for 45 Mins

Join us for a ride! Don't be afraid to sweat your way through an intense workout.

A / B | Cardio & Conditioning

Off The Barre

5:30 pm in Studio 2 with Linnea Calzada-Charma for 45 Mins

improve your core strength, challenge your balance, increase your flexibility, and sculpt the long, lean muscle of a ballerina.  This body conditioning class is based on the techniques of ballet and modern dance classes with barre inspired moves.  

A | Core Strength & Balance


5:45 pm in Studio 3 with Angela Andrews for 45 Mins

Join us for a ride! Don't be afraid to sweat your way through an intense workout.

A / B | Cardio & Conditioning


6:30 pm in Studio 1 with Midge Shull for 60 Mins

An intense combination of strength and cardiovascular training designed to confuse the muscles into developing a leaner, fitter, physique. This is not for the faint-hearted. Never predictable, never boring, always a challenge! Weather permitting, this class will meet outside.

B / C | Cardio & Conditioning


  • Angela Andrews
  • Kayla Ankeny
  • Maggie Arbogast
  • Marie Brown
  • Linnea Calzada-Charma
  • Stephanie Churchill
  • Marjorie Dejoie
  • Kelly Filios
  • Sean Garry
  • Christina Gesualdi
  • Sgt. Nate Griffin
  • Ella Guimond
  • Beau Hancock
  • Judy Hershman
  • Robert Jones
  • Maria Lengauer
  • Stacey Long
  • Brian Love
  • Chik Mason
  • Ellen Metro
  • Kristin Noblette
  • Daria Petraglia
  • Ze' Pierce
  • Lindsay Ryan
  • Devery Sheffield
  • Midge Shull
  • Marcel Vilonel
  • Heather Wentz