Personal Trainers



More than 35 quality professionals call 12TH STREET home. They bring their clients here to improve and maintain their bodies. Think about that - with lots of gyms, why would the best choose this club for their valued clients?

The answer is clear: choice of equipment, spotless facilities, and great service mean outstanding fitness results and a first-class hospitality experience for their clients. 12TH STREET does not collect any trainer fees from our members. All fees go entirely to your trainer.

New annual members receive complimentary training sessions with an experienced trainer.

Many of our registered personal trainers have skill, knowledge and experience emphasizing particular training, health and nutritional challenges. The specialties shown with their profile tell you more about their ability to meet your individual training needs.


Trainer quality, credentials and expertise are not guaranteed or endorsed by the 12th Street Gym. To ensure a close and productive working relationship, performance, financial and scheduling arrangements are handled directly between the client and the trainer.

Interested in becoming a Personal Trainer at 12th Street Gym? Contact Frank Baer, for details!

Featured Trainer

Jim Hart

As one of Men’s Journal magazine’s top 100 Trainers in America two years running, we are proud that Jim Hart has chosen to call 12th Street Gym for over 17 years. While he specializes in training clients over 50 years old, Jim is adept at working with medical conditions such as orthopedic issues, post physical therapy work, and exercise to aid recovery from diseases like heart disease or diabetes. Jim is a Level 2 Precision Nutrition coach, a discipline that believes that diets are psychologically-based nutrition counseling, not just addressing caloric intake but also working on healthy habits in the long term. In addition to personal training, Jim also teaches seminars, holds cooking demonstrations, and leads supermarket tours.  DECEMBER  SPECIAL: 20% OFF 12 WEEK FAT LOSS PROGRAM! Must pay for package in full during the month of December. Offer expires 12.31.17.

Chris Agresta

  • Certified Triathlon Coach (USAT) - All levels
  • Endurance and Nutrition Periodization
  • Run Analysis, Pedal Stroke Analysis & Swim Stroke Analysis
  • Strength training for endurance athletes
  • General weight loss and fitness

Marius Arhire

  • Functional Movement
  • StrongFirst Instructor
  • Pre-Natal Nutritional Coach
  • Post-Natal Coach

Alfredo Aviles

  • Health Through Strength
  • Human Movement Specialist and Strength Coach
  • Become Fluid, Strong and Truly Athletic

Davide Bianca of Forza Wellness

  • Strength training for weight loss, muscle gain and cardiovascular health
  • Boot camp style 1 on 1 personal cross training
  • Nutrition and meal planning, and weekly diet preparation.
  • B.S in Nutrition and Dietetics, ISSA certified, ABMP licensed MT

Nate Bryan

  • Concentration in Females over 30
  • Weight Loss & Overall Conditioning
  • Lifestyle Improvement

Joe Burke

  • Advanced Mass Building
  • Fat Loss Techniques
  • Nutrition Advice For Any Goal

Danny Collins

  • Certified and Insured with More Than 30 Years Experience
  • Strength Training Focusing on Proper Form and Injury Prevention
  • All Fitness Levels, All Ages, All Genders

Nicholas Cowell of No Excuses Training, LLC

  • Boxing/Kickboxing
  • OCR Training
  • Weight Management
  • Sports Conditioning

Nicholas Deacon, CSCS

  • Fat Loss Coaching For Newbies
  • Nutrition Coaching For Optimal Health And Energy
  • Mental Coaching And Development
  • Physique Competition And Powerlifting Preparation

Marjorie Dejoie

  • Medical Doctor with 18yrs of Personal Training Experience; All Ages, All Fitness Levels
  • Integrative/Restorative Health Training from Surgery/Injury/Chronic Illness
  • Strength/Conditioning Training, Weight Loss, Mind/Body/Spirit Approach

Noe Espinosa

  • Muscular Strength, Endurance & Flexibility Training
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Michael Figueroa

  • Advanced Muscle Mass Building
  • Weight Loss/Weight Gain
  • Lifestyle/Transformation Specialist
  • Nutritional Guidance To Achieve Any Goal
  • Muscle and Form Correction

Nate Fletcher

  • Functional Movement with an emphasis on proper technique & increased mobility
  • Total body strength and conditioning; Kettlebell expert
  • Goal setting and attainment

Zeke Galloza

  • Certified in Advanced Personal Fitness Training
  • Senior Strength Training & The Science of Longevity
  • Sports Nutrition, Mixed Martial Arts & Boxing Instruction

Sgt. Nate Griffin of Professional Touch Fitness

  • Low Impact/Rehab Conditioning
  • Extreme Fitness Training
  • Military Prep Fitness Conditioning

Jim Hart of Hart Body

  • 30 Years Experience Faster Fat Loss in Half the Time
  • Chef & Supermarket Guide; Author of 3 Books
  • Mentor Coach Trained in Positive Psychology to Help You Retrain Your Mind

Judy Hershman

  • Aquatic Training & Swim Instruction for All Ages
  • Specializes in Fitness for Older Adults
  • All Populations & All Fitness Goals

Rina Kaplan of Fitness Forever

  • Certified & Insured with More Than 25 Years Experience
  • Increasing Metabolism, Cardiovascular Conditioning, Body Sculpting/Muscle Definition
  • Senior Fitness: Osteoporosis/Increase Bone Density/High Blood Pressure & Arthritis Reduction, Flexibility & Balance Improvement
  • Flexibility & Balance Improvement, In-Home Training

Kevin Kreider

  • Exercise science degree
  • Sports nutrition counseling
  • Individual fitness programs focusing on strength and stability
  • Prep for actors, models, and athletes
  • Wholeness training

Michael Mauncele

  • Kettlebell Expert
  • Body Sculpting
  • Injury Prevention
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • 15 years of training experience

Megan Niño of Vigor Vida

  • B.S Kinesiology. Concentration: Exercise Science & Health Promotion
  • Post physical therapy/preventative training especially in senior population
  • Weight training for muscle gain & weight loss/ High Intensity Interval Trainin

Kristin Noblette of Body Metamorphic LLC

  • IFBB Pro (WFD)
  • NPTI Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant; Group Fitness: Body Max, X-Fit, Indoor Cycling, Extreme Abs
  • Strength, Conditioning, and Functional Fitness
  • Prep Coach for Physique Competitors, Pageants, Photo Shoots, Bridal, and Maternity
  • Nutritional Planning for Aesthetic Sculpting, Fat Loss, Muscular Gains, Wellness

Sheena Ohlig

  • IFBB Professional WPD
  • NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • Individual/Group Training; Corporate Group Training
  • Sport Specific; Strength & Conditioning
  • Contest Prep - Body Building, Figure, Physique & Bikini

Dan Parvu

  • NASM certified and insured personal trainer
  • Static and dynamic postural assessments
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Bodyfat reduction
  • Endurance and strength training

Joe Patton of Body Concepts

  • Weight Loss/Weight Gain; In-Home Training
  • Strength, Cardiovascular, and Flexibility Training
  • Nutritional Counseling, Yoga/Pilates Instruction

Richard Ryan of Reinforced Running

  • Running/Endurance and injury prevention
  • Strength Gain and Weight Loss
  • NASM Certified, USATF Level 1, CrossFit Level 1

Cristopher Schwartz

  • Professional body sculptor for men & women of all fitness levels
  • Stroke & injury rehab specialist
  • Body building & show prep
  • Martial Arts training
  • Senior Wellness

Midge Shull of MADAMEMIDGE

  • Advanced Athletic Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Functional Non- Traditional Work-outs that include Plyometrics
  • Kettle-Bells, and TRX Small Group Training Nutritional Counseling Meal Provision

Matt Smith of Bodysmith Performance

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Focus on Movement, Strength and Mobility
  • Olympic and Power Lifting

Alex Suleikin

  • Core Fitness, Plyometric Training, Muscle Mass Gain
  • Weight Loss, High Intensity Super-Set Training, Circuit Workouts
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Jonathan Williams

  • Holistic Wellness & Lifestyle Fitness
  • Weight Loss & Muscle Gain; Nutritional Counseling
  • Functional Movements, Flexibility & Balance